Welcome to Our Savings Safari Club!

Our Thornapple Credit Union offers children ages 14 years or younger the opportunity to learn about the value of a sound savings plan. As a part of our Savings Safari Club, children will be offered a fun and engaging way to learn about the value of money and the importance of saving it!¬†Whether it’s quarters from the tooth fairy, birthday money, or a special allowance, our Savings Safari Club is the perfect savings account for your child!

Who Can Join?

The Savings Safari Club is designed for children 14 years of age and younger.

What Are The Benefits?

When a child becomes a member of our Savings Safari Club, they receive a TCU member kit with everything they need to help them manage their own money.

We also offer Monkey Money, which can be earned by children in a lot of different ways! When a child opens a new account, makes a deposit of $5 or more, gets good grades on a report card, or even celebrates a birthday, they will earn Monkey Money, which can be spent on special prizes from our treasure chests in the branches!

We want our younger members to set savings goals, and REACH them! Print out this savings goal chart and start your savings adventure today!

Let the fun and learning begin!